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A good summer book

Due to seasonal demands on a busy family farm, I have not read a novel in the summertime in years. When my friend Marcia stopped by in late June and gave me a book, carefully wrapped in the most lovely plant-lovers gift wrap and a sweet note of friendship, I resolved to read it.

And I am glad I did.

The Bees by Laline Paull now ranks top on my list of favorite books.  Paull writes with imagination, zest and a clear love of plants and their pollinators. Captivated by the mysterious world of the Hive, I also fell in love with the bees themselves, especially the noble, yet humble Flora 717.

More than an anthropomorphic story about bees, Paull tells a story about the power of a mother’s love and creates a convincing world governed by a matriarch full of grace. Words like “kin-scent,” “dronewood,” Holy Chord, and Hive Mind become a natural part of your vocabulary by the novel’s end. And the next time a bee lands on a flower next to me, I will wonder which “kin” it is…Clemetis? Lily? Rosewood? Or perhaps, dearest of all, Flora.  A must-read for all plant and pollinator protectors. 

Do you have a book to share? I am gathering a reading list of “Must-Read’s for Plant Lovers.” Please let me know your addition to my current one-book list!


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