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Guide to Respiratory Resilience

Every year, especially during cold and damp times, we are exposed to a heightened level of respiratory pathogens entering our bodies. The past couple of ...
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How Affordable At-Home Testing for COVID-19 Could Make a Difference

Imagine if you could spit on a piece of paper, in the comfort of your home, and find out in ten minutes whether you have ...
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Why Vitamin D is on the Back-to-School List

Usually “Back-to-School” is the LAST thing on my mind in July. I love summer and prefer to indulge my senses in the moment: juicy tomatoes, ...
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COVID-19: Clot and Stroke Prevention?

Mounting evidence that COVID-19 manifests as a vascular disease has been recently highlighted in the news. New treatment parameters are looking at the use of ...
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Coronavirus Chart

The Role of ACE2 and Treatment Implications for COVID-19

The topic of this article was inspired by a series of concerns circulating via social media about the impact of certain blood pressure medications, as ...
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The Hawthorn Tree: Food for the Heart

Plants under stress begin to overproduce valuable pigments called “polyphenols.” These precious micronutrients abound in berries and other highly pigmented fruits and vegetables, and, when eaten, they ...
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Eat Fiber for a Better Brain

Way back, about 10 thousand years ago, eating lots of fiber was a way of life. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived off sour, fibrous and wild ...
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“Nectar of the Gods”: Olive Oil for a Better Brain

“Let food be your medicine” is a banner that followers of the Mediterranean diet could legitimately wave with enthusiasm. They could raise a second banner, ...
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Secrets of the Garden: The Magical World of Bacteria

In the garden, the soil at our feet is teeming with life. Beyond worms and arthropods which can be seen with the naked eye, microbia ...
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Turmeric Lifts Depression

Turmeric, Curcuma longa, has emerged in recent years as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with reports that it may reduce pain and inflammation for some people on ...
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