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Tag: Medicinal Mushrooms

Cordyceps Soup

Ginger Coconut Cordyceps Egg-Drop Soup

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Cordyceps militaris

Age Gracefully with Cordyceps

As we age, change is inevitable. We look at ourselves in the mirror and trace the passage of time – often, we see our aging ...
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Too Cold for Smoothies! ❄

I noticed this week that I’ve lost my taste for my daily smoothie – or at least I became aware that I needed another sweater ...
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Choosing the Right Medicinal Mushroom with Jeff Chilton

I’ve had my nose deep into medicinal mushrooms lately. For a long time I have been paying attention to the immune-stimulating power of beta-glucans found ...
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Groovy ‘Shrooms

As a healthcare practitioner I am enamored with mushrooms. For thousands of years they have provided nourishment and medicine around the world.  As a general ...
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