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Category: Mind and Spirit

Embracing the world – Leaning into it all

Omega Institute hosted Pema Chödrön for her final in-person retreat recently. Pema has influenced me profoundly. I rediscovered her teachings in the middle of the ...
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Learning to Balance with Parkinson’s

I awoke early to the rising crescent moon, red as the poppies in the field below the barn. A dream followed me into that first ...
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The Art of Plant Communication

Plants and trees give us life. But the exchange isn’t one-sided. Through our breath, specifically the carbon dioxide we exhale, we also give them life. ...
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Standing in Solidarity

With respect to George Floyd, his family, and the demonstrations, we’re cancelling some of the pre-conference events that were scheduled for this week. Black Lives ...
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Natural Cardio Care

Pay Attention to Your Heart by Guido Masé

The following excerpt is published with permission from Guido Masé. Read more on his blog. Begin with your heart, your pulse. Take a moment to ...
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Finding Peace: A Personal Yoga Journey with Kerry Smith

When someone develops a regular yoga practice, even one as simple as mindful breathing, miracles can happen. For me yoga has been an incredibly personal ...
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3 Lessons from a Tree

The needles of white pine, Pinus strobus, are rich in vitamin C and can be used as a refreshing tea or the bath. As a ...
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The Symphony of the Whole Brain

I have always been fascinated with the idea that the left and right sides of the brain have unique “personalities” and that by learning more ...
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Poetry for the Heart

As a tribute to Mary Oliver, beloved poet by every plant- lover I know, I wanted to share a poem by Guido Masé, with his ...
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Solstice Offerings

The first day of winter dawned warm and rainy – a balmy 62 degrees by 6:30am! In northeastern Pennsylvania that is close to a record ...
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