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What would you share if you knew your message would reach 10,000 people?

If you had words of wisdom to share with ten thousand people, what would you say? I asked my mother how her mother, Grandma Bea, ...
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Summer Reflections

Autumn begins in two weeks, and I blow a kiss to my treasured summer days. I shake off the urge to cling to the bounty ...
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BotanicWise Calendar

As we ease into ever-so-slightly longer days here in the Northeast, my heart is lightened and I look forward to a year of connecting with ...
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A Lesson from Mother Nature

You know that thing that people tell you, about how time goes faster and faster the older you get? It’s really true. As a child, ...
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Live a Little Magic

I’ve always believed in magic.  It’s irresistible.   Still, so many days of my adult years have been occupied with the stress of responsibilities that coincide with ...
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Walk the Plant Path

I remember the first time I went on an “herb walk.” This event coincided with my first herbal conference, one of the most healing and ...
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Talking with Naren Udgan, Shaman from Mongolia

Naren Udgan was born and raised in the Ordos region of Inner Mongolia, and spent her early years living with her grandmother, a ...

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In the Garden with Kathi Keville

I recently returned home from the New England Women’s Herbal Conference where I had the honor as a featured teacher, sharing my work on natural ...
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Lessons from the Plants

After receiving several requests to share my opening remarks at the Allies for Plants and People in June…here they are…I hope you find some inspiration ...
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Meeting David Winston

Two and a half decades ago I found a family. The first time I stepped into my first herbal conference, Medicines from the Earth, in ...
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