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Cordyceps militaris

Age Gracefully with Cordyceps

As we age, change is inevitable. We look at ourselves in the mirror and trace the passage of time – often, we see our aging …

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Charis and Mom

The Role of Intuition for the Herbalist

When I was little, my mom taught me about the difference between taking action from my head and taking action from my heart. Making decisions …

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Energetic Herbalism

Energetic Herbalism: The ancient practice that superpowers plants

Kat Maier and I have been “scheming” for over a year – we’re excited to offer The Power of Energetic and Intuitive Herbalism on Saturday, January 21. …

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????Step Out of Brain Fog: Official Guide

???? Using this guide Use this guide to organize your notes, follow the webinar replay, and capture some of the highlights of Guido Masé’s class. …

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Guide to Respiratory Resilience

Every year, especially during cold and damp times, we are exposed to a heightened level of respiratory pathogens entering our bodies. The past couple of …

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Guido Mase

When I Met Guido Masé

  The first time I met Guido Masé was after I had already invited him to teach at the first Allies for Plants and People …

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Chocolate, Intimacy and the Heart by Guido Masé

Love, death, rebirth – such is the cycle of fertility and renewal. Perhaps none knew this better than the Mesoamerican cultures that dwelled in present-day …

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What Herbs Teach Us by Guido Masé

The following are some thoughts that were part of Guido Masé’s presentation to the Bastyr community during the Herb and Food Fair. Re-published with his …

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Stocking Your Home Medicine Kit

The key to using natural remedies against common winter-time illnesses is catching initial symptoms and having the right remedy at arm’s length. Recognizing symptoms early …

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Yarrow: A Warrior Healer

A common wildflower across the United States, yarrow’s white-to-pink flowers are easy to spot in fallow fields and roadsides. The leaves of this medicinal plant …

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