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Charis Lindrooth

My life might have been different

A young woman walks into a health clinic complaining of disabling menstrual pain, tension headaches, tight, sore muscles, and fatigue. At this moment, she has …

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Summer Reflections

Autumn begins in two weeks, and I blow a kiss to my treasured summer days. I shake off the urge to cling to the bounty …

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Embracing the world – Leaning into it all

Omega Institute hosted Pema Chödrön for her final in-person retreat recently. Pema has influenced me profoundly. I rediscovered her teachings in the middle of the …

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Learning to Balance with Parkinson’s

I awoke early to the rising crescent moon, red as the poppies in the field below the barn. A dream followed me into that first …

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Too Cold for Smoothies! ❄

I noticed this week that I’ve lost my taste for my daily smoothie – or at least I became aware that I needed another sweater …

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Natural Cardio Care

Pay Attention to Your Heart by Guido Masé

The following excerpt is published with permission from Guido Masé. Read more on his blog. Begin with your heart, your pulse. Take a moment to …

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Noticing Your Heart by Guido Masé

Begin with your heart, your pulse. Take a moment to breathe and feel it. Just be aware of its presence. If you relax for a …

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An interview with Christopher Hobbs

It was such a natural pleasure to interview Christopher Hobbs this week and pick his brain on some much-debated issues surrounding the chaga mushroom.  Author …

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Herbs First

I clearly remember the first time I intentionally used a plant as medicine. During the late 80s I was a first year teacher in a …

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