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Tag: Microbiome

Too Cold for Smoothies! ❄

I noticed this week that I’ve lost my taste for my daily smoothie – or at least I became aware that I needed another sweater ...
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Eat Fiber for a Better Brain

Way back, about 10 thousand years ago, eating lots of fiber was a way of life. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived off sour, fibrous and wild ...
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Secrets of the Garden: The Magical World of Bacteria

In the garden, the soil at our feet is teeming with life. Beyond worms and arthropods which can be seen with the naked eye, microbia ...
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A Little Dirt Doesn’t Hurt

“Bacteria,” “dirty,” “microbes,” these words might conjur up feelings of disgust and images of illness.  Recent research is teaching us just the opposite is true. ...
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Favorite Chia Breakast

This really is my favorite breakfast…or late morning snack. My 4 year-old daughter calls chia seeds “Mom’s favorite seeds,” hence the name of this recipe. ...
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