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An Essential Nutrient for the Brain

Yesterday, I had one of those days… I was struggling to think straight, even though I had so much on my mind. I was tired, feeling drained, just staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to fill it up. As the day went on without improvement, I turned my thoughts to my body and realized I was thirsty and had been thirsty for hours. 🙄 When was the last time I drank something?? It’s funny how the most basic elements of personal health care are sometimes the easiest to overlook…

Did you know a 2% dehydration level can impact optimal brain function?

Hundreds of studies have shown that proper hydration is essential for endurance, strength, and cognitive function, including memory. Brain fog and fatigue are symptoms of underhydration, and if you wait until you’re thirsty to drink, you are most likely missing the mark.

How much water do you need to drink each day?

The data suggest that, regardless of size, the average adult requires 10 cups per day for optimal physical and cognitive performance.

Since kidney function is connected to the sun, a balanced circadian rhythm governs the cells of the kidney. Your fluid requirements are higher in the early part of the day, which means the ideal time to hydrate is during the first 10 hours after waking, before 5-6 PM.

Did you know that fluid in your bladder, as well as adequate cellular hydration, triggers alertness? This is why we wake up at night when we need to pee, but it also means that drinking water is one of our handiest tools for busting brain fog and improving focus.

Are you getting thirsty just reading this?

I’m telling you to push the fluids, but I want to mention that if you drink plain water, you may end up dehydrating yourself by diluting the salt level in your body, which triggers you to dump fluids – you pee out everything you take in. Have you ever had the experience of drinking water and feeling like a dry sponge, and water just runs right through you rather than absorbing into your tissues?

Factors about water that can influence your ability to absorb it:

✅ Hardness – the harder the water, the better.

Hard water has a rich mineral content, which makes it more bioavailable. This means distilled water is more likely to dehydrate you.

✅ pH – seek alkaline water with a pH above 7.

You can easily test your water pH with a home kit like Varify.

✅ Temperature – body-temp water hydrates you more quickly.

Even so, it’s fine to drink cold water if you are not in an emergency situation.

âś… Electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, and salt.

Electrolytes and/or sea salt can help you absorb water more effectively. Add them to your water early in the day and after exercise. Check with your physician before consuming electrolytes if you have cardiac issues, such as congestive heart failure.

Okay, I started this email with a startling statement: Even 2% dehydration can significantly impact physical and cognitive performance.

Think about it.

If you only drink 9 out of 10 cups of water per day, you are 10% behind your optimal hydration level. Missing out on even 2 ounces can make the difference between a great brain day and a rough one.

This means a lot to anyone who cares about their brain function – all of us, right?

Here’s how I meet my hydration goals without getting up at night to pee:

đź’§ Drink 2 cups of water with electrolytes first thing in the morning

đź’§ Measure your remaining 8 cups of water so that you know you have met your goal

đź’§ Consume most of your water before 6 PM

đź’§ Consider adding more if you drink caffeine, exercise heavily, or sweat

Be patient as your body adjusts to this new rhythm. Watching the sun rise and set will help reset your circadian rhythm and support healthy kidney function.

Now, you have taken the first step to better brain health!

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