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As most of you know I pour heart and soul into everything I do, and Keeping Your Brain Brilliant is one of my best accomplishments.  I am really excited to share it once again.

Since I have been receiving a ton of email questions about this course I thought I’d share some details here. The course runs live for 6 weeks, but all classes will also be archived and available to watch as a replay until August 2018.

Why live classes? Teaching this brainy stuff live is certainly more challenging than filming lessons in advance and then packaging it and selling it much like a book. However, I know that as a student myself I am much more motivated to attend a live class, with the opportunity to interact with the teacher, other students and ask questions. As a teacher it keeps me more connected to the subject and those who are trying to master the material. It also allows me to add new material every time I teach it, so the course is fresh and up to date.

What if I can’t attend class live? Fortunately I am able to post each class after it’s live broadcast, so students can watch at their convenience and even watch multiple times to really absorb all the information.

When are the classes held? The first live class will be Monday, October 23, 7 PM EST. I will be  teaching the core classes every Monday evening.  Those who attend live can submit questions during the webinar, and those who watch the replay may submit questions via email.  Students can see me, but I can only see comments by the students. See the entire schedule below.

What about guest speakers? A special guest will also be featured each week for the first 5 weeks They will teach a class on a special topic related to brain health on Thursdays at 7PM. Guests include David Winston, Robin Rose Bennett, Kerry Smith, Kathleen Maier and Tammi Sweet. Guests will be on a special platform where they can see you, if you choose, or you can even listen via telephone if internet is a problem. See the list of topics below.

What will I walk away from this class with? Each participant will receive weekly self-evaluations to help determine areas that need more support for healthy brain function. On the final week, instead of a guest speaker,  I will host a Q&A Round Up, where I will help participants pull their information together and create their own natural brain care program. 

I have outlined the schedule below for easy perusal.

To register for the course go here.

For a free sample class, click this link: Eat Fat and Stay Smart.  

Course Outline:

All classes, except David Winston, are live at 7PM and then available as a replay until August, 2018

Monday, October 23: EXPLORATION with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Introduction and tour of the brain and learn where pitfalls can arise. 

Thursday October 26: Finding Brain Balance through Ayurveda with Special Guest Kerry Smith

Monday, October 30: NUTRITION with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Learn 3 essential nutrients for the brain, why they are important, and how they improve brain function.

Thursday, November 2: Herbs for Meditation with Robin Rose Bennett

Monday November 6: STRESS: with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Understand how stress affects your brain function, and what you can do about it.

Thursday November 9: Clear Mind, Clear Body: Better Mental Health through Tissue State Balance with Special Guest Kathleen Maier

Monday November 13: DIGESTION with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Find out how the gut and brain are connected and how addressing hidden digestion issues can improve your mood, cognition and memory.

Thursday November 16: Cannabinoids: How They Affect Brain Function with Special Guest Tammi Sweet

Week of November 20: Off for Thanksgiving – catch up time!

Monday November 27: IMMUNITY with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Learn about “neural auto-immunity” and how immune function affects brain function, and of course what to do about it.

Thursday November 30: Special Guest David Winston: Smart Herbs – using plants instead of drugs to enhance brain function. (this class is pre-recorded and will be available at your convenience).

Monday December 4: NEURO-CHEMICALS with Dr. Charis Lindrooth: Catch an overview of 4 key chemicals present in healthy brains that influence your mood, function and cognition and how to support them.

Thursday December 7: Final Roundup: Q&A Session with Dr. Charis Lindrooth. By this time you will have a rough draft of your natural brain care protocol.  Bring your questions and get help solidifying your plan.

What people are saying about this course:

“Charis Lindrooth’s series on Brain Health is one of the most all encompassing yet accessible teachings on what we should all be paying attention to in regards to good memory, good foods, herbs, practices and healthy lifestyle choices. Unforgettable!” Kathleen Maier

“For the past month, Monday nights at 7pm I was tuned into my computer learning about how our brain really works.  Charis has shared fascinating information and a wealth of knowledge in each session.  I knew a lot about the brain, or I thought I did – she’s made me realize how important it is to take time to really know about our brains and how to care for them.  I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming sessions.  She presents information in an easy way to understand and comprehend.” Cheryl W.

“I love knowing knowing how things work.  It is even better if I can be sitting in my pjs or in the garden and learning about my body how it works and how to naturally heal it.”  Lila S.

“I am loving the class you are teaching now and can’t wait to learn more!!  The more we know the better!  Your teaching brings it to a place that is both easy to understand and empowering. Thank you!” ~ Cheryl

“More than any other source of information, from books and medical guides, Charis’ organized presentation has helped me make sense of and find tools for addressing my own early cognitive issues that 5 years ago accompanied a host of other autoimmune symptoms.  I would highly recommend this.” ~ Donna O.

To register of for more information, go here 

Having trouble registering? Charis and her assistant Lizzie are here to help – reach out to us at CharisLindroothDC@gmail.com or 610-683-9363.

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