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Bringing Light to the Study of Plant Medicine

Natural healing comes in many forms. I am partial to the healing power of plants, but am also quite fond of minerals, essences and body work. The “village herbalist” might carry many tools in her medicine bag, but the one she turns to most often are plants: roots, shoots, berries, bark and blossoms. Today’s herbalist has a wealth of knowledge to draw on, from traditional folk medicine, to Eastern traditions, to modern science-based research. 

The aspiring herbalist is wise to form a relationship with a mentor, who in turn has a lengthy, intimate relationship with the plants. Phyllis Light is just that sort of mentor.  

As a fourth generation herbalist and natural healer, the way of medicinal plants is deeply etched in the fabric of her being. Her deepest roots lie in the woods of northern Alabama where she has studied and worked with plant medicines for over 30 years. Her grandmother’s Creek and Cherokee heritage gifted Phyllis with the herbal and healing wisdom of these indigenous traditions. Over the years, Phyllis has broadened her knowledge through studies of western herbal traditions and through a master’s degree in health science from University of Alabama.

She has deftly combined folk medicine traditions with modern science-backed research, and so acts as a bridge between the past and present, shining light on why and how plants work as medicine.

I have waited to meet her for a long time and now she is coming to my own back yard in Pennsylvania. At Allies for Plants and People she will be the opening keynote speaker, where she will stories of southern Appalachia and the rich tradition of turning to plants for wellness and healing. I, for one, can’t wait!

To learn more about the classes she will be teaching at this event, and the other classes to be present,  go here.

Allies for Plants and People will be held June 9-10 in Upper Black Eddy, PA. Registration is still open!

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