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A New Beginning

Photo taken by the author, along River Road, Upper Black Eddy, PA

On Friday I took a ride to Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania to tour River Valley Waldorf School.  The winding road that took me there was lined with magnificent sycamores and oaks which hovered over historic farm houses and barns.

Even in the driving rain, or maybe because of it, the scene was breathtaking. Waterfalls of melting snow and rain cascaded from vertical black stone cliffs onto River Road which follows the Delaware River.

This is it, I thought to myself, the perfect place to hold a gathering honoring the alliance between plants and people.

The school itself is surrounded by fields and tall trees, trees that have witnessed decades of American history, and might know secrets no text book could ever reveal.  Neighboring the school, sprawls Ringing Rocks County Park, so named for “lithophonic” boulders in it’s meadows that literally ring like a bell when struck.  An easy trail heads past the boulders to a waterfall, a lovely spot for herb walks and wildlife identification. Nearby Tohickon State Park provides campground and cabins for attendees looking for affordable accommodations surrounded by nature.  

The school itself has officially agreed to host our new event: Allies for Plants and People, June 9-10, featuring internationally renowned teachers David Winston, Christopher Hobbs, Phyllis Light, Guido Masé and Tammi Sweet. I left the school my heart alight, with the burner fully lit on the this new venture.  Creating an event such as this relies on a weaver who can take many threads and bring them together to create a fabric rich in color, warmth and comfort. Here is where I step into my purpose, and feel the great joy of hosting people who love plants, steward the earth and want to share in the wisdom held in nature. Stay tuned while we develop our program and publish the new page on our website. Subscribe to this blog to get the first news that registration is open. 

Serious about plant medicine? Tammi Sweet’s Anatomy and Physiology course is geared towards the herbal practitioner, or anyone wanting to understand the workings of the body from a natural  perspective.  Sign up using this link and Tammi will donate a portion of your tuition to the MidAtlantic Women’s Scholarship Program. The catch? Registration closes at midnight tonight! 


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