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“Dare to Be Dauntless”

  Amikaeyla Gaston
Amikaeyla Gaston

The moment I began watching Amikaeyla Gaston speak on the TEDx Gramercy 2014 video, I knew she would be the next keynote speaker for the 2016 MidAtlantic Women’s Conference. Her magical voice enraptures the imagination and pulls the listener into her stories.  Her stories touch the core of pain, healing, redemption and love.

Overcoming a terrifying near-fatal attack in a hate crime, Amikaeyla has found power and healing in her voice. Bravely she brings this gift to refugees, victims of violence and those who suffer across the globe. This dauntless woman “invites the belief in all who meet her that even the deepest wounds and most devastating losses can be healed.”

What miracles will she co-create with the women who gather at the MAWHC, October 1-2, 2016? Doubtless more than one heart will join her mission of peace. Mine, for one, has already leapt on board!

It’s gonna be a Lovely Day.


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