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Kitchen Remedies for Respiratory Symptoms

The robins are hopping in the rain and I am sipping my first-ever cup of “Blender Tea,” inspired by Christopher Hobbs’ suggestion in his recent BotanicWise webinar!

During this period of crisis, many OTC medications and commercial herbal supplements are becoming harder to find. This can be a worrying state of affairs, especially for those quarantined. The good news is, as most herbalists already know, some of the best remedies and immune boosters can be found in our kitchens, or growing right outside our doorstep.

In our recent webinar, herbalist and educator, Christopher Hobbs, PhD, discussed prevention and treatment of respiratory symptoms that might occur in disease states such as COVID-19 using foods and herbs that are commonly found in your kitchen.

If you’d like to try Blender Tea or Dr. Hobbs’ Garlic Syrup yourself, be sure to check out these recipes!

If you missed the REPLAY of Kitchen Remedies for Respiratory Symptoms, or want to watch it again, please join the free series on our Teachable platform. There you will find a downloadable pdf of the slideshow, as well as all the materials and replay of the first webinar in this series with Guido Masé, Tammi Sweet, Deb Soule and myself.

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