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Women's Herbal Gathering

Our 2024 Theme is “Voices of our Herbal Elders”

Herbalism has a long tradition of honoring elders. Herbal elders, with their profound wisdom about plants, are held in high regard for their vast experience—they have “eaten a lot of beans,” as Rosita Arvigo would say. What they share is rich with experience and meaning. Their teachings are invaluable.

As the guardians of herbal teachings, their life’s work is to pass their knowledge to the young: how to identify plants, communicate with them, make medicine from them, and live a life of integrity in alignment with nature.

This year’s BotanicWise Women’s Herbal Gathering is dedicated to the voices of these elders, preserving plant traditions that cannot be found by internet searches or even in books. Through story, song, ceremony, hands-on activities, and teachings, this event will bring young and old together, honor the wisdom of the plants, and celebrate the beauty of Community.

Join me for the best weekend of the year!

The BotanicWise team has been hard at work crafting the 14th Annual Women’s Herbal Gathering. This event will be held in-person at the Kempton Community Center in Kempton, Pennsylvania.

Each track of classes will develop aspects of plant medicine, weaving together a tapestry that brings the psyche, the body, and the soul together in wholeness.

Join us September 13-15, 2024!

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