Hobbs’ Blender Tea Recipe

Hobbs’ Blender Tea Recipe

Recipe by Dr. Christopher HobbsDifficulty: Easy


  • Handful of fresh or dried herbs: rosemary, sage, oregano, mint — you choose!

  • 3 cups freshly boiled water

  • Optional Ingredients
  • Honey to taste

  • Juice of lemon to taste


  • If using dried herbs, soak for 30 minutes in hot water.
  • Place herbs in blender with enough water to cover them and blend until creamy.
  • Add freshly boiled water, let cool, and blend again.
  • Add juice of lemon, and/or honey if desired.
  • Steep 10-30 minutes. Blend again.
  • Strain if desired, or enjoy as is. Delicious!


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