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Guide to Respiratory Resilience

Every year, especially during cold and damp times, we are exposed to a heightened level of respiratory pathogens entering our bodies. The past couple of years have been especially stressful for all of us in this area. It’s important to make sure we understand options available for at-home remedies that strengthen and provide relief.

Respiratory health isn’t some isolated anatomical topic, it’s a core part of our human experience – and it’s an area where plant medicine is particularly well suited.

Breath is life.

It’s how energy and vitality are brought into our body; our heart, digestion, and consciousness, it’s all connected to our breath – this experience defines so much of how we experience the world.

It’s through this system that we experience grief, panic, remorse – and of course love, patience, and fits of laughter – all through our breath.

The respiratory system is vulnerable too! It’s exposed to the “outside world” all of the time, about 20,000 breaths a day. And these days are tough on respiratory health.

People all over the world are facing elevated levels of pollution, chronic conditions, all kinds of pathogens such as viruses, molds, bacteria, and of course Covid… Many (if not most) of these threats are leave us feeling out of control, or victims of circumstance, air quality, racism, wealth, and other harms.

That’s why we made you this guide.

Plant medicine is well suited for respiratory health. It’s accessible, affordable, and reminds us that health and resiliency start at home. The plants are here to guide us and support us through these times.

Our lungs practically mirror patterns in the plant world. It’s stunning – as they breathe, so do we.

The BotanicWise mission is to spread herbal knowledge by connecting you to people and plants. So this guide is a sample of our in-depth program with Dr. Christopher Hobbs hosted in the BotanicWise Online Community. Whether you’re an experienced herbalist or just setting off on the plant path, we welcome you to this guide to respiratory resilience!

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What’s in the guide:

  • ✨ What is Respiratory Resilience?
  • ? Threats to Respiratory Health
  • ? Steps for Building Resiliency
  • ?  Clearing, Soothing Respiratory Formula
  • ?  Expanding Your Respiratory Resilience Knowledge (curriculum)
  • ? Omicron Q&A with Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Live Sessions coming up! BotanicWise is inviting you to become a founding member for this program and participate as part of the live audience January 28th – 30th with Dr. Christopher Hobbs – and have ongoing access to the new BotanicWise program Respiratory Resilience.

Read more and enroll here on the BotanicWise website.

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