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Love Lifts Us

  Photo by Marcelo Quinan/Unsplash
Photo by Marcelo Quinan/Unsplash

My community lost a bright light this week.  Through a terrible tragedy, we are mourning the death of a woman who brought wisdom, joy and friendship to so many of us. In this moment of grief, it feels like the world has stopped turning.  In this moment of stillness and sadness, we remember what matters most: love. Our hearts are breaking because we love her.  And we are lifted up to face our day because she loved us.  

My dear friend Rosemary Gladstar sent me these words of comfort by W. O. Abbot: 

“For years I never knew whether the twilight was the ending of the day or the beginning of the night. And then suddenly one day I understood that this did not matter at all.  For time is but a circle and there can be no beginning and no ending.  And this is how I came to know that birth and death are one. And it is neither the coming or going that is of consequence. What is of consequence is the beauty that one gathers in this interlude called life.”


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