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Solstice Offerings

  Solstice Eve morning dawned crisp and frosty, a far cry from the warm rain this morning.
Solstice Eve morning dawned crisp and frosty, a far cry from the warm rain this morning.

The first day of winter dawned warm and rainy – a balmy 62 degrees by 6:30am! In northeastern Pennsylvania that is close to a record high for this time of year. For me winter, warm or not, is a time for reflection and study. The quiet of the farm gives me time indoors to read and catch up on my research.

Looking for the perfect gift to give your beloved herbalist? Or maybe you are ready to enhance your own herbal studies this winter? I have collected a little list of upcoming opportunities from some of the best herbal teachers I know:

  1. Natural Cardio Care with Guido Masé: An Herbalist’s Perspective. Learn more about natural heart care in this exciting new 6-week online BotanicWise course. Starting live Monday January 21 this course covers a wide range of heart health topics including hypertension and high cholesterol. Guest speakers will augment the core material: Christopher Hobbs, Tammi Sweet, Kerry Smith, Kat Maier and Deb Soule. Use the coupon HAPPYHEART to save $20. LEARN MORE.

  2. Ready to study in-depth with Tammi Sweet? Tammi is offering her online course: Anatomy and Physiology, An Herbalist’s Guide; Transition Zones Advanced Physiology. She also has some fantastic FREE classes: Love Your Liver; Inflammation Actually and Physiology with Heart. You can learn more about these courses HERE. (Your tuition for any of these courses helps support Botanicwise and the MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference).

  3. The Science & Art of Herbalism Online and Home Study Course with Rosemary Gladstar: Considered by many to be one of the finest home study courses on herbalism available in this country, The Science & Art of Herbalism offers a comprehensive overview of herbalism and prepares the student to competently and effectively use herbs for home health care. LEARN MORE.

  4. The Alchemist’s Kitchen Outpost at the Stockton Farmer’s Market in Stockton, NJ is looking for teachers. Are you an herbalist, proficient in healing modalities, new/full moon facilitator, self-care advisor? They offer introductory, mini classes to the local community on Saturday’s from 11am-12:30pm. Please contact Dawn Selene at dawn@evolver.net for more information.

  5. Enjoy easy listening with recordings from BotanicWise events:

    2018 MAWHC Recordings, Downloadable recordings featuring the speakers from the MidAtlantic Women’s Herbal Conference: Rocio Alarcon, Maia Toll, Tammi Sweet, Kathi Keville, Kat Maier and more.

    2018 Allies for Plants and People Recordings, Downloadable recordings featuring the speakers from the BotanicWise June event: David Winston, Phyllis Light, Christopher Hobbs, Guido Masé and Tammi Sweet.

  6. Consider escaping the cold and visiting Ecuador! Join Rocio Alarcon and experience the heart of the world with her nurturing guidance. January 18-24: Hummingbird Medicine in Nono, Ecuador or January 28-Feb 7 Shamanic Practices of Ecuador at the IAMOE Center in the Amazon jungle. Learn More.

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy the Winter Solstice and the holidays. May you each find some peace and restoration for your well-being.

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