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Workshop Replay: Yoga and Plant Healing with Alex Artymiak

Date and Time
October 1, 2022 10:00 am EDT
This is an online Zoom webinar event.

Join BotanicWise guest teacher Alex Artymiak for a 3-hour virtual yoga workshop.



The practice of yoga has a powerful healing impact on the body and mind. With guidance, we can deepen our yoga practice to connect us more fully with the healing power of nature, especially the plants we turn to for medicine.

Join BotanicWise guest teacher Alex Artymiak for a 3-hour experiential yoga workshop that will:
  • Bring harmony to your nervous system and consciousness with the spirit of the plants
  • Utilize breathwork and yoga to enhance bioavailability and absorption of plant nutrients
  • Show you techniques you can turn to throughout your day, at any moment, to easily shift your physiology to a state of receptiveness, intuition, and healing

Through love, service, and devotion to nature, we can harmonize our energy systems with the environment and support healing. With yoga and breathwork, we can connect more deeply to the spirit of plants and enhance their healing gifts when we take them as medicine.

This virtual workshop is suitable for all levels of experience with yoga. Bring a chair or mat.

Join us on October 1, 2022, from 10 AM – 1 PM

About Alex Artymiak

Alex is a yoga, meditation, and breathwork teacher based in Santa Monica, California. Though he started his yoga journey seeking strength, balance, and flexibility as a way to improve his surfing skills, he soon realized that these abilities reflect a deeper and more powerful shift taking place within.

Alex sees yoga as an energetic practice that manifests in the physical body. This philosophy shines through his practice and teaching style. In his classes, Alex speaks to awareness and feeling as much as technique and form, intuitively guiding you to explore greater physical depth.

Since his first teacher training in 2011, Alex chose to dedicate his life to studying yoga and has since taught over 5,000 classes, led retreats around the world, and lectured on yogic philosophy and meditation in teacher trainings. His philosophy, “keep your spine long, your breath strong, and your mind on,” is a formula for presence and clarity on and off the mat. His classes will leave you feeling clear, connected, and empowered to shine your light for yourself and everyone around you.

* If you can’t join us live, the recording of this workshop will be available. Attendance is donation based to ensure that this workshop is accessible to all. Donations support BotanicWise and the work we do to bring authentic herbal education to our community.

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