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The Complete Program – Ketosis: Jumpstart Radical Healing with Kerry Smith


Join BotanicWise guest teacher Kerry Smith for an in-depth on-demand exploration of Ketosis.

This on-demand complete program will explore ketosis not as a diet but as an important metabolic state that, when used with proper sun exposure and body movement, including yoga, can turn on the body’s ability to recycle and rebuild cells and tissues in the body. Though this mechanism has recently been “discovered,” aspects are found in indigenous wisdom, religious traditions, and Ayurveda.

You will learn:
  • How ketosis maximizes mitochondrial energy while reducing inflammation
  • How to safely prepare for entering ketosis and how to maintain it
  • How to incorporate all the foods that you love with carb cycles
  • How ketosis opens the door of autophagy (the body’s innate rejuvenating system)
  • What supplements you may need to support flipping on the keto switch
  • The role of cholesterol in ketosis
  • What exercise is best for you in supporting ketosis and autophagy
  • How ketosis naturally balances weight. and so much more
BONUS! Community support meeting facilitated by Kerry Smith

About Kerry Smith

Kerry Smith is a naturopathic consultant, an herbalist, a spiritual and shamanic counselor, a lifetime student of indigenous medicine, an Ayurveda enthusiast, a yoga teacher (ERYT 500), mother of three, grandmother of five, and a senior high school English teacher among other things. She artfully combines her wealth of knowledge and joy of life into her passion for helping people do what they were created to do: heal so that they can remember their radiance and shine it unapologetically into this amazing world.

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