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Mz. imani

Mz. imani

At her core, Mz. imani is a people’s artist, meaning she weaves the line between ritual, performance, and facilitation in the authentic expressions of Art in Action. She sings and drums with the spirits and plays for the WErld. Her music and heART are KINnected to the Collective + to nature. Her WErk is offered as a ceremonial invocation community and invitation to Help Make The WErld a Better Place To Be, Simply By Showing Up!

Mz. imani has been playing the drum since 1986, when she was inspired by the passion, spirit, and presence of Babatunde Olatunji. Since that time, she has been the vehicle for many women, children, and men to find the drummer that lives within their soul. Mz. imani WErks with Olatunji’s language of the drum, as well as West African rhythms and her original music, + she brings a special magic to all who wish to experience the pure joy of allowing their inner spirit to take voice.

Mz. imani resides in Swannanoa, NC, and is the curator and landkeeper for SoulFire Sanctuary, home to the 18th Peace Chamber, in Joseph Rael’s Lineage. Since 2014 she has been caring for the eARTh by renovating the Peace Chamber + tending to the land, to be able to welcome the people back to this very special place, that helps us heal, thrive + dance with + for the eARTh, as we tend to our personal + collectives SoulFire.

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