Each BotanicWise event offers the opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed teachers who have a depth of experience in herbal knowledge. These mentors teach from the heart and work diligently to help build a community who not only is knowledgeable about the use of plants as medicine, but who also support land and plant stewardship.

The class offerings at Allies for Plants & People are more than informational. They touch heart and soul, awakening the intuitive mind and help weave a growing network of herbalists, healers and others with a desire to learn about sustainable health and stewardship of medicinal plants.

Our Keynote Presenters

Rocío Alarcón

Dr. Rocío Alarcón, an ethno-botanist with ancestral roots in the lineages of the curanderas of the Ecuadorian Andes, is a healer for our times. She has worked tirelessly for decades to preserve indigenous cultures and land both in the Amazon and in the Andean community where she grew up, under the tutelage of master healers. She has lovingly brought many modern seekers, as well as skeptics, into the fold of the healing traditions of her ancestors, teaching especially about our relationship with the world of divine forces.

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Marielle McIntosh

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Class Presenters

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United Plant Savers

A portion of the proceeds for this event are donated to United Plant Savers.  Join UPS today to help save endangered and at-risk native medicinal plants.

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