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Guido Mase

Herbs for Vibrant
Cardiovascular Health

A free webinar with herbalist Guido Masé

About This Webinar

One of the best parts of the practice of herbal medicine is that, with a little guidance, you can start safely offering support even alongside modern conventional treatment plans.

In fact, tonic herbs and nutrition work in an entirely different way, and help us see the heart and blood vessels as an intelligent, adaptive, living system.

In a FREE introductory class by Guido Masé, we will take a look at one example: atherosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries,” and see how an herbal strategy that supports the cardiovascular system as a living organ can coexist with conventional drugs like blood pressure or cholesterol medications.

Ultimately, we’ll see that the gentle, nurturing approach herbs bring can help achieve the goal of reducing – or even eliminating – these drugs. It’s something we all, as plant people, intuitively feel – but let’s also explore the modern research backing this up, and get specific with dosing and safety considerations.

As a bonus, we’ll also preview an interactive map of the “terrain” of herbal care for the heart, covering energetic and physiologic balance points and helping with the selection of safe, effective herbs depending on the particulars of the case.

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