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Replay! Mind Over Matter: Practical Tools for Ending Procrastination and Embracing Growth with Charis Lindrooth

Conquer procrastination, fuel your motivation, and cultivate a mindset geared toward growth and boundless creativity in this transformative workshop on April 2.

Join Charis Lindrooth in this workshop now!


Are you ready to conquer procrastination, fuel your motivation, and cultivate a mindset geared toward growth and boundless creativity? Join me for a transformative workshop designed to unlock the secrets of tenacity and focus, nurture a healthy growth mindset, and unleash your creative genius.

You will learn:

🌿 Cutting-edge, science-backed methods to sharpen your focus, elevate your attention, and achieve your goals.

🌿 Powerful strategies to break free from procrastination and embrace a life of productivity and purpose

🌿 How to leverage key neurochemicals with zero-cost techniques that illuminate focus and tenacity

🌿 Which plants and holistic methods offer superior support for focus and drive

🌿 The ups and downs of caffeine to keep you on track

🌿 Why dopamine is essential for focus, and how to increase baseline levels for hours of productivity

🌿 The key to finding joy and drive in even the most daunting tasks…and get stuff done! 

Working with science-based holistic strategies and the power of plants, this workshop will cultivate resilience and perseverance to thrive in any endeavor, building a foundation for continuous self-improvement.  

In this workshop, you’ll learn to apply these actionable insights and tools, bust procrastination, and get started NOW to lead a more productive, fulfilling, and creative life.

Whether you’re looking to inspire potential in yourself or others, escape the grip of procrastination, or cultivate a rich, growth-oriented mindset, this workshop is your gateway to transformation.

Register now to unleash the power of focus, the joy of motivation, and the liberation of creativity. Step into the life you are meant to live!

About your Instructor

Charis Lindrooth is the founder and director of BotanicWise, a platform dedicated to authentic herbal education, where plant wisdom can be shared and where like-minded people can connect and build a community to steward land, medicinal plants, and supportive relationships with each other.

As a practicing herbalist and chiropractor for three decades, Charis has devoted years of study to the workings of the brain and holistic solutions to support better cognition and memory. After her diagnosis of Parkinson’s, her journey with brain health took a more personal turn, and it is her mission to share what she has learned with anyone interested in holistic and plant-based solutions to support the nervous system.

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