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The Power of Energetic and Intuitive Herbalism with Kat Maier

Date and Time
January 21, 2023 10:00 am EST
This is an online Zoom webinar event.

Join BotanicWise guest Kat Maier for an exploration of the intuitive and practical world of Energetic Herbalism. 


Join BotanicWise guest Kat Maier on Saturday, January 21 at 10 AM ET for an exploration of the intuitive and practical world of Energetic Herbalism. 

Rooted in patterns found in nature, Energetic Herbalism matches the properties of an herb — warming, cooling, moving, and sedating — to imbalances in the body, such as tension, stagnation, and dryness, in an effort to gently nudge the body back into balance. 

The goal of energetic herbalism is to enhance your terrain, your inner landscape — your tissues, organs, vessels, and all the forces engaged in maintaining health. The more your inner systems are free to communicate and support each other with optimum efficiency, the brighter your life force and spirit will shine.

We start with the six elements and tastes, the foundations of our true Nature. These foundational elements unveil your underlying constitutional health guided by the Ayurvedic doshas, which are expressions of the elements. These tools guide us as we turn to the plants for healing and wholeness. 

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • Why temperature, energy, and taste of an herb have deep significance for herbal remedies
  • How to work with energetics when creating herbal formulas for family, friends, or clients
  • How to move past complex or esoteric ideas and work with a grounded, intuitive approach to enhance your herbal skills 

A review of case studies will highlight the simplicity, elegance, and depth that working with an energetic lens can offer.

When: January 21, 10 AM – 1 PM, ET

Where: Zoom (replay will be available to all registrants)

Who is invited: Anyone with interest in plant medicine, from the home dabbler to the experienced practitioner.

Kat MaierAbout Kat Maier

Kat Maier RH (AHG) is the founder and director of Sacred Plant Traditions, a center for herbal studies in Charlottesville, Virginia. One of her greatest accomplishments has been to train many clinical herbalists who have gone on to begin other schools, apothecaries, or open their own practices. 

In clinical practice for over 30 years, Kat has taught internationally at universities, conferences, and herbal schools. She is a founding member of Botanica Mobile Clinic, a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible herbal medicine to local communities. The Botanica clinic arose out of her school’s free clinic, which was one of the first on the East Coast and served as a template for other herbalism schools. 

She began her study of plants as a Peace Corps volunteer, and her training as a Physician’s Assistant allows her to weave the language of biomedicine into her practice of traditional energetic herbalism. She is co-author of Bush Medicine of San Salvador Island, Bahamas. As a passionate steward of the plants, Kat served as president of United Plant Savers and was the recipient of the organization’s first Medicinal Plant Conservation Award.

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