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Replay! Releasing Trauma with Romanteo with Rocío Alarcón

Date and Time
July 18, 2024 5:00 pm EDT
This is an online Zoom webinar event.

50% of your donations directly support IAMOE, Rocío’s center in the Amazon rainforest. The remaining funds are applied to expenses and support BotanicWise.


Suggested Donation: $39.00

Releasing Trauma with “Romanteo” is a virtual experiential workshop using an ancestral bodywork technique for healing with Rocío Alarcón, PhD, Curandera.

Your pelvis and hips act as the center of balance between your trunk and lower extremities. The pelvis protects the reproductive, urinary, and gastrointestinal tracts. When in good health, the hips and pelvis give you the ability to stand, walk, run, dance, and jump for joy.

As the center of sexual and reproductive energy, your hips and pelvis store emotions, especially love.

They are important energy centers holding memory of trauma and emotion, especially in women. When curled up in the fetal position, with knees and hips tightly flexed, protecting the body, the pelvis can respond to situations of danger and abuse by contracting. Prolonged fear can cause an energetic block in your hips and pelvis, impacting your physical and emotional health.

What is Manteo?

Manteo is an ancestral practice in Rocío’s family heritage. She uses it to remove emotional forces stuck or retained in the pelvic region.

Using a “manta” or shawl, this technique employs rhythm and deliberate movement in the hips. This relaxes, expands, rebuilds, and reprograms the muscles, fluids, hormones, and structures of the hips and pelvis so that healing can begin.

This is an experiential trauma healing workshop and will aim to:

  • Open the hips and remove toxicities housed in the hips
  • Restore muscle tone and flexibility of the hips
  • Protect the ligaments and joints in the hip area from deterioration
  • Liberate the energetic zones of the pelvis region
  • Release blockages to your experience of love

Rocío AlarcónAbout Rocío Alarcón

Dr. Rocío Alarcón, an ethnobotanist with ancestral roots in the lineages of the curanderas of the Ecuadorian Andes, is a healer for our times. She has worked tirelessly for decades to preserve indigenous cultures and land both in the Amazon and in the Andean community where she grew up, under the tutelage of master healers. She has lovingly brought many modern seekers and skeptics into the fold of the healing traditions of her ancestors, teaching especially about our relationship with the world of divine forces.

Rocío’s grandmothers held intimate connections with the forces of nature, particularly the plants and the hummingbirds, whom they could call upon for the healing of their communities. Recently, Rocío has been bringing forth this ancestral heritage. She brings to her inherited knowledge a scientific understanding of the co-evolution of plants, animals, and ecosystems, as well as an understanding of healing based on modern neuroscience. She weaves this all together in her teachings on the healing power of the Plants and the Hummingbirds.

This fundraiser honors the lungs of our planet, the rainforest in Ecuador, and Rocío Alarcón’s dedication to protecting the biodiversity of her homeland including hummingbirds, flowers, and water. We breathe in oxygen given freely to us from plants and trees. May we be generous in return for the blessing of breath, seeds, and healing plants.

These funds help keep the IAMOE Center operational. We are grateful for your generosity!

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