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Webinar replay: Omicron Q&A with Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D.

Date and Time
January 19, 2022 7:00 pm EST
This is an online Zoom webinar event.

Suggested Donation: $5.00

The Covid pandemic has lasted about 2 years. Many of us are more than ready to get back to “normal” and especially long to connect with friends and family members. Yet worldwide infections are still growing, largely due to the highly infectious omicron variant.

Dr. Hobbs will offer a condensed review of the most current literature relating to what is likely to happen next with the pandemic. Omicron is much less pathogenic and much more infectious than Delta… what does this mean for the rest of the winter season, and the course of the worldwide pandemic? Is the pandemic winding down, or will new variants arise? What does history teach us? We will review the history of pandemics and plagues to find out the most likely course from here, and also review how plagues start, spread, and end, and how they affect cultures and societies.

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