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Did you know that plants have six dimensions?

Plants, like people, are multidimensional. When we take the time to understand their many facets, we deepen our relationship with them. We begin to know them better.

Why is this important? Why do we need a relationship with plants?

Like our relationship with a partner, when we truly understand the nature of the plants in our apothecary, a feeling of intimacy… partnership… and reciprocity begins to inform our intuitive and scientific approaches to plant medicine.

Imagine sitting at the feet of an elder, eager to listen and learn from their life-long experiences. Plants, with millennia of creative wisdom, are our elders too. Anyone can benefit from learning from these elders. 

There is no finite end to this relationship, no moment where one says, “I’ve learned everything.” Whether beginner or advanced herbalist, whether clinician or home healer, it’s essential to keep learning.

Learning from herbalist Paul Bergner…

Most people, including many herbalists, know only a few dimensions of an herb. We first learn about an herb as being “good for” something, a condition, a symptom, or some physiological function, and then use the herb only from that one dimension.

When we understand that the plant we are working with is multidimensional, we develop a holistic relationship with it, profoundly opening up its healing power.

For over 5 decades, Paul has worked with healing plants in a clinical setting. Addressing the health issues of thousands of patients, he developed a deep understanding that a “silver bullet” approach did not serve them. Instead, he worked tirelessly to fully grasp the nuance of each herb in his toolkit.

During this time, he meticulously mapped out 6 qualities, or dimensions, of over 100 herbs. This revelation allowed him to craft custom formulas that matched the patient’s symptoms with the herbs’ energetics.

The Six Dimensions of Herbs

This is Paul’s life work. Decades of deep embodiment of plant knowledge, experience, and discernment create an herbal elder. Paul’s vast experience speaks to this. 

In Plant Wisdom with Paul Bergner, he is ready to share…

What's in the Curriculum?

These live classes will be recorded, with replays being posted the next day. You have access to them forever.

Thursday, April 11, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

The Healing Power of Plants with Paul Bergner

Join guest Paul Bergner for this special complementary preview of his upcoming BotanicWise program, Plant Wisdom: Field Notes from a Clinical Herbalist.

In this informative presentation, Paul explains how to deepen your understanding of herbal remedies by considering not only what each plant is “good for” but also the impact of its energetics. Temperature, humidity, tone, tissues, action and taste are properties expressed by each plant that give us a multidimensional view of its relationship to our bodies. From this perspective, Paul teaches us how to skillfully select the most effective herbs for formulas that really work.

🎁 All registrants will receive a bonus preview text, Quick Reference Guide to Materia Medica in Six Dimensions, by Paul Bergner, with the replay. Our gift to you! Register here to save your spot.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Herbs for the Nervous System

The stress of modern life often leads to anxiety, restlessness, and poor sleep, which impact our overall health and relationships. This is when we turn to nervine plants for support. This class will explore the six-dimensional aspects of the most effective herbs to address stress, anxiety, physical discomfort or pain, spasms and stiffness, and sleep.

Thursday, April 25, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

The Bitter Herbs

Bitter herbs share the same basic energetic dimensions of cooling, drying, and “draining” secondary to their distinct flavor. Bitterness is only one dimension of these herbs, and the whole picture of these plants reveals a wider variety of uses. This class will thoroughly examine the properties and uses of bitter tonics, bitter alternatives, bitter mints, bitter demulcents, bitter laxatives, bitter sedatives, and bitter anodynes.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Alterative Plants for Blood Purification and Detoxification

Blood-purifying “alterative” herbs support the organs or channels of detoxification in the body. Individual alteratives may affect the kidney, the liver, the bowel, the lungs, the skin, and the immune function in the body’s tissues. This class will explore the various dimensions of the family of alterative plants and show how to formulate them skillfully.

Thursday, May 2, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Hot Herbs

Hot and spicy herbs have been sought as medicine for millennia and were traded along Spice Routes throughout Eurasia for centuries. These herbs are now commonly used to treat inflammation, diabetes, immunity, and other complex medical conditions. Often, these herbs create issues when used incorrectly due to their heating and drying properties. If taken without regard to their energetic properties, they will soon become intolerable. This class will illuminate how to moderate the heating and drying properties to allow for longer-term use of the herbs.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Topical Herbs for Infections, Inflammation, and Wound Care

When an herb can be brought directly into contact with a tissue, we call that a topical application. This way of working with plant medicine extends beyond application to the surface of the skin. Topical herbs can also be applied to the mouth, ears, upper respiratory tract, upper digestive tract, reproductive organs, the colon and rectum, and the skin. This class will reveal the action dimensions of antiseptic, disinfectant, antibiofilm, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary, and immune-stimulating benefits of topical herbs, as well as administration protocols.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Demulcents, Immune Tonics, and Adaptogens

When the body becomes depleted, herbal allies are ready to assist our efforts at restoration and regeneration. This class will explain how moisture-rich herbs can restore a dry, depleted, and stressed system. In addition, immune tonics appropriate for dietary or acute use will be examined, as well as the nuance of working with adaptogenic tonic herbs.

Thursday, May 9, 2024 6:30-8pm ET

Final Wrap-Up and Q&A with Paul Bergner

Bring your questions!

About Your Teacher

Paul Bergner

Paul Bergner

Paul Bergner is Director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. He is a medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist, educator, author, and naturalist. He has studied and practiced natural medicine, nutrition, and medical herbalism since 1973, has written seven books, and has published and edited the Medical Herbalism journal since 1989. Paul has taught all aspects of clinical herbalism/nutrition since 1996 and has taught academically at university undergraduate and master's levels. He has mentored more than 400 students through 8-month clinical residency programs.

This is the chance of a lifetime. Don’t miss this opportunity to sit with an herbal elder and learn from over five decades of clinical herbal experience!

Plant Wisdom with Paul Bergner

Fields Notes from a Clinical Herbalist

  • Quick Reference Guide to Materia Medica in Six Dimensions
  • A vibrant active community to support you
  • Lifetime access to program
$ 325

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Program Overview

Plant Wisdom is a 12-hour program divided into easily digestible twice-weekly classes over 3 weeks. Paul Bergner will do a deep dive into the properties that make our favorite herbs potent and effective medicines.

You will learn:

  • The Six Dimensions of Medicinal Herbs
  • Herbs for the Nervous System: Supporting relaxation, physical comfort, and sleep
  • The Bitter Herbs: Describing members of eight categories of bitter herbs
  • Alteratives for Blood purification and Detoxification
  • Hot Herbs: Spice medicines for acute and chronic conditions
  • Topical herbs for infections, inflammation, and wounds
  • Demulcents, Immune tonics, and adaptogens

Yes! The replays of the live classes will be posted within 24 hours, and your access to them never expires. 

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Who Is This Program Perfect For?

The course is perfect for all levels of herbal medicine students, from beginner to advanced.

This is an online program that requires a computer, laptop, or device with internet access. If you lack the technology or know-how to participate online, this program may not be an option for you.

Tuition and Guarantee

Full tuition for this in-depth course is $325.

There is no expiration date for access to course materials.

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Yes! We offer a 100% “Worth It” guarantee. We are so committed to our programs we will happily refund you your full tuition price if you are unhappy with the course. Refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchase.

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Last Little Details

This program was developed over a period of more than twenty-five years, and delivered in various formats to hundreds of advanced students of herbalism, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine as part of their pre-clinical training.

Yes! Classes include live Q&A sessions, plus you may reach out with questions at any time via the BotanicWise community chat feature.

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