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Giuliana Furci

Giuliana is founder and president of the Fungi Foundation. She has been the greatest promoter of the study and protection of the Fungi Kingdom in recent decades in Chile.

She managed to make Chile the first country in the world to include the Fungi Kingdom in its environmental impact assessment legislation through its incorporation into the General Environmental Law, where its incorporation into the national species inventory is also mandated, among other obligations.

She is the author, among other titles, of the two volumes of the “Field Guide to Chilean Fungi”, and of “Fungi Austral -Field Guide”, which contain detailed descriptions of mushrooms in Chile and which they are used as a reference in national and international publications. She also collaborated as a co-author on Kew Gardens’ first report on the State of the World’s Fungi.

Giuliana is curator of the FFCL Fungarium, which is continually studied in collaboration with experts from Harvard University, Conicet from Argentina, University of Florida, and other institutions.

She is an Associate of Harvard University, a member of the International Mycology Association, the Latin American Mycology Association, the Mycological Society of America, and the International Society for Fungal Conservation. Among her recognitions are the 2013 President’s Award from the International Society for Fungal Conservation in Turkey and in 2018 the Salzman Award from the Telluride Mushroom Festival in the United States.

She has also worked as an expert on the impacts of salmon farming and fisheries management for various international and Chilean organizations.

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