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Are Food

A free webinar with clinical herbalist, Paul Bergner

Paul Bergner

About This Webinar

We are bombarded with online information about fad diets, foods to avoid, and the superpowers of other foods. This can result in a feeling of overwhelm and a “head game” about whether or not we should give up our favorite foods. So what’s the truth?

Join BotanicWise guests Paul Bergner and Ryan Clover in a conversation with Charis Lindrooth about their experiences – good and bad – addressing health issues through diet.

You will learn

🌿 What health conditions can be impacted by food intolerances

🌿 Common pitfalls when trying to identify and address food intolerances

🌿 Why some people feel better when they eat foods they are reacting to

The conversation comes to life as we dive into our personal food journeys, and share the bumps in the road along the way.

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